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Felix&Co. sources fabric from only the finest European manufacturers such as  Albini and Soktas. The both companies emphasise on fabrics exlusively for bespoke shirts.  


We offer an extensive range of fabrics: Egyptian Cotton, Italian Linen and Cotton blends with finest cashmere and silk divided into different categories by style and season. 


We offer 1 or 2 ply cottons up to super fine (300s) cotton yarns with a wide range of different weaves from classic styles and colors up to modern designs and patterns. 


The ply refers to the number of fibers twisted together to make a weaving yarn. Two ply cotton are stonger than normal single ply and thus last longer. 




Business Line Collection is a compact collection of high quality fabrics of classical colors and patterns ensuring the exclusive outfit for office and leisure time.
All the fabrics are made from 100% Egyptian Cotton ensuring the highest quality of  the raw material for repeated wearing and washing.
Executive Collection is a sophisticated, elegant and rich range of fabrics still in very classical colors and patterns. They are suitable for classical bespoke business shirts as well as for private events.

Board Member Collection is for a man who crosses boundaries with style in the business. Striking, immaculate and distinctively personal and always above the trends. For the discerning customer who is looking for both the look and the feel of the understated luxury. 


The standards of this collection is in the finest yarns, designs and colours. 

The collection proposes a strong statement with utterly classic colour combinations, meticulous craftsmanship and exclusive designs in the finest Egyptian Giza Cotton in yarn counts  Ne 300/2, 240/2, 200/2 and 170/2.


These finest yarns of the world make the finest shirts in the world. A blissful blend of super-fine Egyptian Cotton and luminous silk that gives a subtle, natural shine and luxurious fluidity.



Casual Collection by Felix & Co offers a modern and fashionable collection of the fabrics. The Collection is more colourful with modern patterns giving a chic look. It is updated regularly and the fabrics changes by seasons. 
All the fabrics are 100% Cotton with rich fashionable colours. 



Seasonal Collection changes every six months offering more season related fabrics like cool linen for spring and summer and warm, full and warm flannel for fall and winter. 



Traveller Collection  is a collection of 100% Cotton fabrics that you do not need to iron at all or are easy-care-fabrics. 


Unlike the some non-iron fabrics, the proper non-iron shirt fabric should be made of 100% cotton so it feels comfortable, soft and breathes well as regular a shirt fabric - no polyester, no shine, no extra sweating. They are normally maschine washable and just hang them to dry out. Non-iron shirt fabric absorbs less water which makes it even better at keeping its shape and colour.





POPLIN is lightest shirt weave, so although it is suitable for all year-round, many prefers to wear poplin shirts during the warmer months. It feels light, cool and crisp against the skin and it breathes well.  


FIL-A-FIL shirts feel just as soft, crisp and light as a regular poplin. They ideal for warmer seasons. The small checked design is an easy way to poplin fans to up-date  their poplin shirt collection.



TWILL The sturdy structure of a twill weave allows the yearn to move more freely, hence a twill shirt will drape very well indeed, providing a smarter result. A twill shirt is less likely to crease than a cotton poplin shirt and it is easy to iron because the fabric is more substantial.



DOBBY fabric is made using a dobby weave, meaning that when a fabric is sewn together, the weaves of the fabric are slightly raised instead of a smooth finish, creating various geometric patterns. Shirt of this fabric therefore have more texture than a plain weave shirt.



OXFORD cotton is very popular in casual shirts. It is thicker weave than regular poplin making it warmer than poplin. The weft has one heavier, softly spun fill yarn, which gives the fabric a very subtle basket weave giving silky and lustrous finish.



HERRING-BONE shirts have a smoother feel than pinpoint oxford giving a smarter finishing and surface. Like twill, the herringbone weave is more water resistant than regular poplin thus it dries quickly after washing. Also easy to iron.



PIQUET is a soft, cool fabric, white or in light colours, patterned with 70/1 yarn extra rich in threads and strokes. The white shirt is enhanced by using Supima yarn, the long fibre cotton less polluted in the world.




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