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Felix & Co  standard button choice  is an imitation of a mother of pearl button on a fabric tone. 

Generally a white button is the most invisible and discrete, but if you wish to customise more your shirt, you can choose a different colour choice from your fabric. 


We also offer a real Japanese mother of pearl buttons in light and darker colour. 


To give even more character to your shirt, you can choose different colour on button thread and button holes apart from the fabric tone. 

These contrast choices are with an extra fee. 


You will find all Felix & Co. button choices here and the thread colour options here.





This is part when you can let your imagination fly !


Contrasting your shirt with second fabric is a really the way to make it as your own creation. Unique.


You can choose additional lining for inner collar, cuff, front placket or for sleeve slits. 

You can also create a “Wall Street” style by contrasting the complete collar and cuffs e.g. in white. It gives the shirt more formal look.


The contrasting makes  a shirt generally more casual and  trendy. 


You can choose any fabric on the website as your choice for lining. Copy the fabric code or name of the fabric when creating your shirt. 


You will  find all Felix & Co. contrast choices here. 

Contrast  Fabrics 






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