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Choosing the collar for the shirt is probably the most important part. 


We offer nine different options for collars. You will find all Felix & Co. collar options here.


It all depends what do you like, your style and where you are planning to wear the shirt. You can also choose the length of the wing from longer, 8,5cm to a shorter  6,4 cm version.



Classical, Cutaway and Spread collars you can wear with or without a tie.


You might want to consider classical choice if you have a round face and short neck. The more open choices (Italian collar and Spread collar) balance better fine and slimmer structured faces given more space for the neck area. 


One or two buttons ….


The collar with two buttons has been fashionable in recent years. However, this type of collar is not advisable if you have a short neck. It covers already a short neck by unbalancing the look. 

However if you have a fairly long neck, do not hesitate: modern, stylish, two-button collar dresses the shirt. Especially recommended if you are not planning to wear a tie. 



The Button Down collars is a good choice for a sporty out fit or to be worn with a club jacket and a tie. 


Be Chic ! Round collar is the most fashionable choice at the moment.  You can definitely play with this model and wear it with a tie too. 


The stand-up collar you might want to consider for your summer shirts. It is also ideal for special occasions and ceremonies but it is not suitable to worn with a tie nor a bow tie.