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The choice of the cuff is all about your taste. 


We offer eight different cuff options to complete the style of your shirt. 

The one button and cufflink choices are 7cm wide and the two button are 8,5 cm wide.


You will find all Felix & Co. Cuff options here.


The choice with cufflinks is particularly elegant and quite formal. The two button choices are again a bit more formal and festive. 

Whereas the single  buttoned cuffs are more practical and casual. 


Choice between round-cuff, 6-corner or rounded cuff…. 


We tend to think that a round choice is more traditional and the 6-corner choice is a more modern style. The complete square (3.4) choice is an elegant choice but it also wears out faster. 


If you wish to detail more your cuffs, you have always a choice to have your monogram embroidered on the cuff or maybe even have a contrast fabric as an inner lining.