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The shirt cut  is  the model of the shirt you like to wear. We offer two models for the shirt: Classic Fit (straight cut )  or Slim Fit  (narrowed waist line). On top of this you can choose different back options to your shirt back. 



You will find all Felix & Co. shirt models here.



Back without pleats 

The option is  used in both models.  It has the advantage of having perfectly smooth back with only little bit of space for movements. It is easier to iron.



The back with 2 darts 

The darts are only suitable for fitted model. They allow the shirt to be  better adjusted on the natural curve of the back thus leaving space for upper back and shoulders.  

This shirt model shapes body giving smooth and well fitted look. This is great choose for shirt to be worn under  suits and jackets avoiding the extra layers. 



The back with 2 folds 

The folds are typically used on straight cut shirts.  The folds give extra space for shoulders movements making the shirt easy and comfortable to wear.  

This is a great choice if you like or need to move yours arms a lot. 



The back with 1 ply 

This option is a similar choice from the below just having a simply box pleat in the middle of the upper back line. This is purely aesthetic choice of the choice below. 




The front placket is very visual part of the shirt and we offer four different options. Addition to this we offer a tuxedo shirts with the different options.  

All the choices are triple folds of the fabric. 


You will find all Felix & Co. front placket options here.



Top stitched front 5.1. and Plain front 5.4

Both these choices are very plain and simply.  You can easily wear a tie or bow tie with both choices if you wish.


Top stitched choice has a visual stitching line and it is soft, there is no inner stiffener added. 


Plain front has no visual stiching line on top but has a stiffener inside. 


The Front Placket also called an American (front).

This is a top stitched placket with little side folds on sides. This is probably the most common choice in men’s shirts. It is considered more casual and sporty choice,  but you can still wear a tie with it. 



The Covered Placket 

This choice will dress your shirt !  This choice makes the shirt more formal especially when wearing a bow tie. However, it can also be worn with a regular tie or open neck in a casual chic style.

It is also a great choice for ladies.