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Again, everyone will do according to their personal style and needs.


In general, it is considered more elegant, more formal, not to have a pocket or pockets on a shirt. Nevertheless, you might find a pocket / pockets useful for for your everyday shirt. You can either add one or two pockets per shirt. 


Furthermore, it is said that the pocket is required on shirts with button down collar shirt.


We offer three different pocket models - view them here.





Since you are creating a shirt especially for yourself, you might as well have your initial and name on it too.


This is optional option and free of extra charge. Find all the options here.


We offer four different place for you monograms:

  • on the edge of the pocket, if you have chosen to have a pocket
  • on the cuff
  • on the middlle of the left front panel 
  • on the left on the front panel, 10cm left from the 5th buttonhole


Addition to this, you can have your name, nick name or a short message written on inner yoke.


This is really a moment to personalize your shirt. 


For your own inventory, we also label shirt by the purchase year. 




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