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bespoke shirt QUALITY 


The shirts are made with the highest quality of the care, details and handcrafted work. The atelier has over 60 yrs of experience in  making shirts.   


All our shirts are patterned, cut and sewn and finished  individually for each and every customer order. 



The stitching density per one centimeter is six stitches. Greater density of stitching makes seams naturally more durable. All seams are reinforced for maximum durability.




The fabric patterns, plaid or stripes,  are matched at all points where the different parts of the shirt meet. Matching stripes is also value added since your  shirt will have a better appearance and balance. Our eyes value symmetry.





The removable collar stays can be added on all  your shirts (except the button-down ones). 



The shirts have four-hole buttons that are cross-stitched. Each button has, in addition to the cross-stitched buttoning, an elastic thread around the base of each button, which lifts it above the fabric thus avoiding wrinkling. Such buttons will never come undone on their own. As a guarantee of this, we do not add any spare buttons on the shirts.


The last button on the front placket is placed horizontally ensuring the durability. 


We offer mother-of-pearl buttons in gris and ivory as well as colored contrast buttons. 




French seams add value since the inside of the garment is clean finished. Threads will not  get caught or broken, and therefore seams are more durable and secure.French seams can also help those with sensitive skin by encasing threads that can be scratchy.





A triangular piece of material, can be added at the bottom as reinforcement between a shirt’s front and back parts. A gusset extends the shirts’ durability too. 





The shirt can be embroidered with the full name or short message on the inner yoke, as well as with the initials on the cuff or pocket. 


We have also add a small label on inner front placket with the year when the shirt has been made. This helps your personal shirt inventory. 




We carry a large collection of classical fabrics of 100% Finest Egyptian Cotton to choose from. High quality fabrics guarantee a distinguished look after repeated wearing and washing. 


All our fabrics are 2-ply cotton. This refers to the number of fibres twisted together to make a weaving yarn. Two-ply cottona is stronger than normal single-ply cotton. That is why the shirts and fabrics last longer.



A cotton where the weft threads pass over one and then under two threads to produce a diagonal rib which catches the light giving an attractive sheen to the fabric. Very soft and easy to iron.



The same construction as a twill but the direction of the twill is alternated to give a zig-zag effect. It too has a rich, radiant, sheen to it.



A very fine yarn is used resulting in a fabric which is beautifully silky, much softer and smoother than classic Oxford.



A more rugged fabric woven from a heavier yarn than used in poplin. The threads in the warp (the vertical threads in the weave) are yarn dyed and are not as thick as those in the weft (horizontal threads), which are left a natural shade of white. The result is a heavier.


  • END ON END (Fil a Fil)

End on end has the same properties as poplin, the only difference is that end on end features lighter coloured weft threads running in a horizontal direction on the shirt, giving it a subtle two-tone effect.



A fine cotton woven from long staple yarn to produce a radiant, smooth, silky fabric that is cool and comfortable to wear and can take strong and vibrant colour dyes.


  • PANAMA (Basketweave) 

In basketweave, groups of warp  and  weft  threads are interlaced so that they form a simple criss-cross pattern. Is commonly soft to the touch and comfortable to wear. 


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