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WHY A Felix & Co. bespoke shirt



There are many reasons but one of the most important reasons is comfort and fit. 


Comfort in clothing is important – especially when travelling extensively, in stressful situations or even when you just want to look good. Associating traditional stitching methods with modern requirements, Felix&Co. crafts shirts exactly to your size so that you can feel and look your best.  From shoulder width to arm length to cuff diameter– a bespoke shirt will move with you and fit better under a jacket or sweater. 


A bespoke shirt also allows you to express your individual style. With Felix &Co. bespoke shirt, you create  your very own design!  From the type of collar, cuffs to the colors of the lining not forgetting the possibility to place your initials or a secret message where ever you would like on your shirt; your style options, whether discreet or visible, are all yours! 


Once you have taken your measurements they will become your personalised Felix&Co. bespoke profile. With this profile you will be able to re order very efficiently bespoke shirts in different colors, fabrics and style options. 


If comfort is not the reason to order Felix & Co bespoke shirt, here are 5 other good quality reasons !





Felix&Co. sources fabric from only the finest European manufacturers. We offer an extensive range of fabrics; Egyptian Cotton, Italian Linen and Cotton blends with finest cashmere and silk divided into different categories by style and season. 


We offer 1 or 2 ply cottons up to super fine (300s) cotton yarns in  wide range of different weaves from classical style and colors up  to modern designs and patterns. 


The ply refers to the number of fibers twisted together to make a weaving yarn. Two ply cotton are stonger than normal single ply and thus last longer. 



2. Stitching

The stitching density per one centimeter is six stitches. Greater density of stitching makes seams naturally more durable. All seams are reinforced for maximum durability. 



3. Designs

Because eye values symmetry, fabric patterns- plaids or solids- are matched at all points. In this way, your shirt has the best appearance and aesthetic balance. 



4. Buttoning

All shirts have four hole buttons that are cross stitched and an elastic thread around the base of each button which lifts it above the fabric thus avoiding wrinkling. Such button will never come undone alone. This is why we do not even need to add spare buttons. The last button on the front placket is horizontally places to ensure durability and hold of the shirt.


Felix & Co. also offer also mother of pearl buttons and color contrast to finish your design.



5. Service

Once you have your Felix&Co. bespoke profile, chosen your fabric and style options, your order will be processed in 4 weeks.

If Maiju has a doubt about any detail, she will email you with her query.




Felix&Co. guarantees total satisfaction : if for some reason your first bespoke shirt does not meet your expectations, Maiju will remake or adjust it for you. 





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